American Jockeys

The American continent remains a top horse racing nation. This is both in terms of prize money offered and the number of racecourses. The horse racing game is influenced by many factors, but one of the most important is that of the jockey. Jockeys can be the difference between winning and losing. American jockeys are renowned for their strength and determination. Some of the leading jockeys in the world originate from America.

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Top Jockeys

There are some jockeys that are so good that they will be remembered long after they finish racing – becoming known as legends of the sport. Horse racing is no doubt a very demanding sport when it comes to trainers and jockeys. They put their heart and soul into it, sometimes beyond the physical boundaries to ensure the height of riding excellence.

So when you are in search of the world’s best jockey, they exist in two categories – the best in terms of winners and the best in terms of prize money. There is no doubt that American jockeys share these prestigious titles on the world stage.

American Jockey Club

The American Jockey Club, known more as The Jockey Club was formed in February, 1984. It came into being when James R. Keene organised a drive to support racing horse trainers who had complaints regarding the board governing races in New York. The Jockey Club is the authority for all the thoroughbred horse races in North America, Canada and Puerto Rico. The registry maintained by the club is called the American Stud Book.

The most prize money won by American jockeys in thoroughbred racing have been:

2000 Pat Day $17,479,838

2001 Jerry Bailey $22,597,720

2002 Jerry Bailey $22,871,814

2003 Jerry Bailey $23,354,960

2004 John Velazquez $22,248,661

2005 John Velazquez $24,459,923

2006 Garrett Gomez $21,922,592

2007 Garrett Gomez $22,800,074

2008 Garrett Gomez $23,344,351

The best jockeys in terms of most career wins in a calendar year:

2000 Russell Baze 412

2001 Ramon Dominguez 431

2002 Russell Baze 431

2003 Ramon Dominguez 453

2004 Rafael Bejarano 455

2005 Russell Baze 375

2006 Julien Leparoux 403

2007 Russell Baze 399

2008 Russell Baze 403

Jockeys often have a tough task, just as the jockeys in Australia’s Melbourne Cup 2012, and are partnered with a horse at the bequest of the trainer. Great partnerships have also been recorded in popular media in forms such as the story of the American hero-horse Seabiscuit of which a movie was produced not long ago. An Australian jockey-horse partnership that is the absolute stuff of legends and is remembered throughout the racing world is that of Phar Lap and his rider Jim Pike. The two are remembered for an amazing partnership that saw Pike win twenty seven rides out of thirty. The tragedy and mystery surrounding the death of Phar Lap has forever etched him the Australian psyche.

So, whether you are betting from home, work or even while on a business trip, it has never been easier to follow and wager upon your favourite American jockeys – all from Australia – just like you would in the Melbourne Cup. The talent that exists and the excitement of following American jockeys is well worth any punter’s betting and viewing attention. No longer do the distances of continents prevent a great wager online. You can research all your favourite jockeys and their mounts and check out their recent form in the online form guides that most reputable online bookies provide and this has made it even easier to follow your favourite jockeys and see if you can back a winner with an online bet.